WBN Service Code of Conduct

We hold ourselves and our fellow members to incredibly high standards.

  1. Client of the Entire Network

    Every International client of a WBN Member is considered an International Client of the entire WBN network.
  2. International Desk

    Each WBN member will staff an International desk, team or individual representative to the network, fluent in English, versed in International Insurance Coverages, and current on issues specific to their home country.
  3. Member Representative

    Each WBN Member shall provide an international representative at each Owner’s Meeting, versed in the sales and service of Property Casualty and Employee Benefits coverages.
  4. Highest Professional Standards

    Each WBN member will service each WBN network client, with the Highest Professional Standards and a Sense of Urgency as though the client were their own, and confirm contact with the WBN Member and/or client within 24 hours of assignment.
  5. Scope of Services

    Each WBN producing member will prepare a clear concise written "Scope of Services" document, outlining all client services required when assigning an International Client to a WBN servicing member.
  6. Compensation

    Each WBN producing member will create a schedule of compensation, agreed by the WBN servicing member, representing all known costs, for those services to be delivered to an International Client.
  7. Collaborative Technology

    Each WBN member will support and use WBNet International Technology, as the communication vehicle when servicing a WBN International Client.
  8. Professional Representation

    Each WBN member shall use their best efforts to promote and raise the visibility of WBN within their home country and insurance marketplace, and implement the use of the WBN logo on business cards, your website and all international presentations.
  9. Legal Compliance

    Each WBN member shall do their best efforts to represent and warrant that you are familiar, have complied with and will comply, in all respects, with all known laws, i.e. all national, federal, state and local laws, statues, regulations, rules, executive orders, supervisory requirements, permitting or licensing requirements, export requirements, directives, circulars, opinions, decrees, interpretive letters, guidance or other official releases of or by your government, authority, department or agency, thereof, or any regulatory or self-regulatory organization regarding the offering of unlawful or improper inducements, and other anticorruption and anti-bribery laws, as applicable to your relationship with the WBN or any member of the WBN.

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