Collaboration Within WBN

It is a rare, if not unique, combination of characteristics that sets WBN’s Value Proposition apart from other independent and owned networks. Collaboration is the key which, through strategic engagement, drives client service, business development and each member’s success and ability to remain independent. Such collaboration takes many forms at WBN.

Global Conferences

Since our founding in 1989 by 9 western European members, WBN has held two Global Conferences every year—the sole exception being October 2001. The April conference is always immediately prior to and in the same city as the annual RIMS Conference. This conference concludes with a Pre-RIMS Reception attended by approximately 250 WBN members, their clients, insurers and media. Then, every October, the second Global Conference of the year is held on another continent, co-hosted by the WBN member in that country.

Each conference draws as many as 250 owners, senior executives and producers from member firms, as well as insurance company executives and, more recently, some clients. The conferences are comprised of early morning to late afternoon presentations, panels, and work sessions, followed by dinners at landmark locations of culture and history in the host city, thereby fostering still more networking and interaction. Members must attend at least one conference each year and many attend both, representing significant financial and manpower commitments—particularly by those sending as many as 6 or more delegates.

Industry Leadership Forums

Participation in these forums—for both Property & Casualty insurance and for Employee Benefits—provide opportunities for WBN members and executives to deepen contact with industry peers, insurer partners and each other. Examples of these forums include the CIAB Employee Benefits Leadership Forum, the CIAB Insurance Leadership Forum and the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) Forum.

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