Structure of the Network

How We Operate

WBN exists to facilitate the cross-border capabilities of our individual member firms in serving their clients and developing new business. An unequalled degree of collaboration, state-of-the-art technology and staff support ensure that knowledge is maximized, accountability is assured and member independence is supported.

Mission Statement

To be the premier worldwide independent insurance brokerage network that, through its owners, members, and staff, delivers outstanding and consistent global insurance services to their customers.

Rigorous Entry Requirements

Prospective candidates for membership, many of whom are proposed by existing members, are carefully vetted by the WBN Board of Directors to ensure their fit for the network. To be considered for membership, a firm must be a top-quartile, highly respected firm in the country or countries in which they are applying, agree to establish an International Desk staffed with English-speaking contacts, and capable of handling the flow of international business into and out of their company. In addition, a firm must be financially stable and carry a Professional Indemnity policy with limits above a set threshold.

WBN Service Code of Conduct

The Service Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines ensuring that independent members, through their interactions with clients and each other, affirm and act in support of the overarching goals of WBN. Within the Worldwide Broker Network, every international client of a member is considered a client of the entire network. The result is that clients receive consistent, high quality service with a sense of urgency.

WBN International Operating and Client Servicing Procedures

The WBN International Operating and Client Servicing Procedures manual, prepared by and for members, provides guidelines on how broking services should be provided to member clients, with accompanying member-to-member protocols.

The manual is not a rule book, but suggested guidelines which can be adjusted to suit Members’ and/or clients’ specific needs and requirements. In all cases it is superseded by the agreed “Scope of Services” agreed to between firms serving a specific client.

360° Peer Review

Members of WBN are accountable to each other individually and to the network as a whole. Each member is subject to scheduled, formal 360° reviews by other members to confirm that the member being reviewed is a responsive, knowledgeable and reliable partner.

About WBN

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