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The WBN Value Proposition

The Worldwide Broker Network is able to provide member firms' clients with increasingly competitive Property and Casualty Insurance and Employee Benefits consulting by offering these 6 Value Proposition Points:

  • Local knowledge and experience in over 100 countries and on 6 continents is a powerful resource for members and clients.

    WBN Members have a detailed understanding of foreign insurance legislation and ensure clients' employees in those countries will receive necessary and competitive levels of benefits. We are passionate about the needs of clients as well as long term personal relationships. We are a dedicated team of connected experts working with each other to serve the needs of clients throughout the world.
  • The WBN comprises a network of top quartile firms, independently owned and managed.

    The independence of our member firms means that chain-of-command challenges do not occur and decisions can be made quickly. We use mutually agreed-upon compensation for services, allowing clients to receive competitively priced products. Member firms pass through careful review processes before joining and are top quartile firms in their respective regions. All of this ultimately ensures top-quality products and services for clients.
  • Member-to-Member accountability ensures quality while maintaining independence of member firms.

    While member firms are free from some of the limitations imposed by 'owned' networks, they are still accountable to each other on several levels. In the 360 Degree Review Process, member firms evaluate the performance of their peers. The WBN Service Code of Conduct also provides guidelines within which members can act. Members' professional standards are maintained at a high level through constant monitoring as well as an appreciation and respect for each other and a belief in WBN's vision.
  • Trustworthy cross-border collaboration ensures that members and clients benefit from WBN's extensive network.

    The WBN network allows clients to have constant access to online coverage and claims data. Local knowledge is available whenever it is needed, and members of the network provide it with a sense of urgency, understanding the costs of interruptions to production or business. WBN places a high value on collaboration. We have two global conferences per year, one located in the United States and the other in various cities throughout the world. This is in addition to other networking events. These are where relationships and trust are built.
  • State-of-the-art information management technology securely speeds the collaboration process.

    To facilitate communication while keeping it secure, WBN utilizes WBNet Global Management, a proprietary data management, communication, and collaboration tool powered by Origami Risk. It is a totally new platform that replaces the two that came before it; WBN is committed to providing its members and clients with the newest and best technology available to meet their needs. Access to shared data 24/7 in multiple languages and currencies with unparalleled security gives members and clients peace of mind.
  • Combined purchasing power has allowed WBN to expand our global reach.

    We have enhanced our service platform and increased our product offerings, offering high quality service to clients expanding beyond home borders. Our Global Carrier Sponsorship Program delivers exceptional value to members and their clients.

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